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Skrivet av Ceogar den 9:e April 2014 kl. 22:37
We are going to teamspeak
Soon the ts server will be operational!
Skrivet av Ceogar den 28:e Juni 2009 kl. 17:43
Around the world.
Latley i have been very busy traveling the world and various things. Those trips and such has resulted in alllooot of picturers and today i finally started working with them and it resulted in a few pcitures. More will come soon!

Check out the gallery!
Skrivet av Ceogar den 24:e Juni 2009 kl. 04:11
Big updates!
I have been in japan and on Dreamhack so alot of pictures comming soon ! stay tuned ;)
Skrivet av Ceogar den 10:e Juli 2008 kl. 02:22
Alright, for years i have been saying iam going to do something with this site and finally today i took the time to change the index page to link to my gallery. So here it is, enjoy!